About Us

Want an update for your wardrobe? Fresh inspiration for your daily style? Do you want to express yourself more individually through your clothing, show the world who you are and what you love? 

Welcome to Funkrush – a colourful cocktail of urban streetwear and geeky fashion, inspired by hip hop and pop culture. As a young, innovative company based in the United Kingdom, Funkrush.com provides you with a wide variety of subculture clothing and accessories alike. We love what we do and our customers love it, too: For over five years now, Funkrush has been making small and big dreams come true all over the world. We believe that our customers only deserve the best quality, we want you to feel like a million bucks and for an affordable price. Our goal is to make you proud to wear our clothing! 

A few years ago, the father of Funkrush, Pete Harrison was walking through the streets of Torquay, a sleepy little town at the coast of south-west England. He was looking at all the fashion stores and tourist shops, watching the passing people with a frown. For some reason, everything looked somewhat the same. Something was missing here. But what? He pondered this question, sitting in the summer sun and didn’t realise he had a sunburn until it was too late. Suddenly he was seeing all kinds of bright colours and funny creatures, colourful little ghosts, rubix cats and flying yellow moles mixed with urban flavours and graffiti… “Are you okay?”, someone asked. “More than okay!”, he said, jumped up and ran home. He finally knew what was missing: More fun and individuality on the streets! Inspired by his love of street culture and illustration he knew he had an interesting journey ahead of him.

And now the real work started. A concept needed to be specified and designs had to be created. Pete began contacting some of his designer and illustrator friends, some of the most well known creative talent in the world. They were ecstatic. Everyone wanted to be part of this project, so they all contributed their ideas, skills and personal style. The ideas were running wild. Bursting with colours and craziness, each idea exploded into ten new ones, like the Greek Hydra that grows two new heads for each one you chop off. Ideas were lurking in every shadow, behind every corner and on every wall, like graffiti. They were following the designers and illustrators every step of the way, just as fast, persistent and cheeky as kids on skateboards. They were rapping and breakdancing in their heads all day long (and all night) like a never ending hip hop beat until they got realised. 

And realised they became indeed! One after the other, each idea was first formed into a design and then printed onto a shirt. When they became too many, they were sorted into various categories and styles inspired by hiphop, graffiti, pop culture, anime, typography and videogames. And this is how Funkrush was created, driven by the love of street art and youth culture, to make cities worldwide more diverse and colourful places. Each design knows exactly where it belongs, just like everyone of us needs to find our place in the world. Still, new ideas are coming in every day, waiting to be made into a fresh new style and placed among the other creations in the collection. They keep our illustrators busy, day and night, with their urgent demand to see the world - and get seen by the world. 

Nobody knows if this story is true or not, but one thing is for sure: The success story of Funkrush is real, with a variety of products and an expanding roster of world famous designers. The international brand has become an enterprise at the forefront of the streetwear industry and continues to push the boundaries through its collaborations and innovative style.