Our Artists

We have worked with a lot of super talented artists since the conception of Funkrush, so thought we would group them altogether with a bit of info and share the love, enjoy!


Olly Moss

Olly Moss is an English artist, graphic designer and illustrator, best known for his reimagining of movie posters. His work is regularly featured in Empire magazine.

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Mad has been professionally illustrating and designing toys for over 13 years. Over his career he has worked with clients such as Kidrobot, YUM Brands, Pepsi, Scion, NFL, Upper Deck, Mattel, Spin Master Toys, and Cartoon Network on a variety of todays hottest and largest brands. Collaborating on projects ranging from promotions to packaging, character design to retail and premium toys.

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Mr Flurry Leigh Flurry is an illustrator and designer based in Bristol, United Kingdom. He specializes in character design, typographic form, vector design and repeat patterns. He likes: Enormous amounts of tea, Super Nintendo, the stay Puft marshmallow man, Psychedelic graphics and pop art, Scotch bonnet's and most importantly, originality.

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Adam Spizak

Adam's work has been featured in:Computer Arts, Advanced Photoshop Magazine, Image FX and many places across the web, he's a Polish designer, currently residing in London, UK. The adventure with computer graphics goes back to 1996/7 with great impression of Amiga's art scene, in 2006 Adam has graduated Computer Science majoring in Computer Graphics and Multimedia.

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It's an expression way, that combines art, image, animation with different forms from visual comunication. In 2005 Martin Lowenstein, Diego Vaisberg (both of them Graphic Designers) and Andres Vaisberg (Industrial Designer), decided to make their path in the design world with an own and unique style.

They begun to develop a series of illustrations, for different art and design magazines, creating a world of characters and creatures, who nowadays represent the studio. These illustrations, appear in countless magazines between which out IDN, Territory (Hong Kong), Fused y Clutter (UK), Belio (Spain), Playtimes (Singapur), Encyclopaedia Pictoplasma (Germany) stands out.



Peskimo's world is teeming with monsters and bunnies, pattern and texture, combining quirky details and streamlined design with a generous pinch of nostalgia to create art that has won admirers far and wide. Since meeting at university in Leeds, Jodie and David saw eye to eye on robots, kittens and evil monkeys.

They began to work under the name of Peskimo in 2004, and together they have crafted a vast array of characters and creations that have appeared on Tshirts, magazines, newspapers, billboards and nightclub walls. They find inspiration in cartoons, vintage graphic design and overhearing people in the post office queue.

In 2006, they collaborated with Kid Robot to create a mini series of toys which featured 16 unique characters sold as 3 inch vinyl figures. They have since worked with other toy companies including Crazy Label with whom they created the iconic Monster Burp figure in 2008. Since working as Peskimo, the pair has worked with a wide variety of clients including Sony, Barclays, MTV, BBC, Vodafone and AOL.

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Simon Noynay

Huskworks is the creative output of Melbourne based artist and illustrator Simon Noynay.


Stick-A-Thing____S_____A_____T invading your monitors, shirts or walls. Urban inspired character design for your personal pleasure.

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Lemon Lemon is a graffiti artist and illustrator, he created our Funkrush Animals design.



Skaffa paints and draws, and is currently working on a comic!

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Riccardo Bucchioni

Riccardo has worked on a few designs for us, mainly pop culture and proves to be a big hit here at funkrush. A fine illustrator and fan of punk rock, he has designed posters, skate decks, tshirts and even designer toys.

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Dxtr is a cool chap, making cool designs, fresh illustration, urban characters and amazing wild toys. You can see his work on the walls of mainly great cities, a credit too funkrush, expect more soon!

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MAKI is a small design and illustration studio based in Groningen, that's in The Netherlands. Their work can be described as wacky, edgy, humorous, urban and intelligent. They work for clients all over the globe. MAKI is also a lemur, famous for its great communication skills.


Steven Bonner

Steven puts everything towards serving your idea and doesn't impose his personal style on your project. Instead, he figured out how to make the piece communicate effectively – and work commercially. Of course, that means working to deadlines and high technical standards. But then you’d expect that.

He work for clients in the UK, Europe, USA and almost everywhere else, from his studio just outside Stirling, in Scotland.

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Josh Agerstrand

He currently lives in guam and makes graphic design vomits.

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J3 concepts

Jthree Concepts is Seattle-based artist Jared K. Nickerson. Jared is a professional digital illustrator originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia. With various moves westward across North America he is now based in Seattle, WA. Jared is co-founder of renowned vector community, Blood Sweat Vector, (BSV for short). His main focus is branding, character, logo, videogame, editorial, and textile design. He also specializes in art direction and consulting. His client list includes Nike, Adidas, Coca-Cola, Maxim Magazine, Virgin, and Microsoft, to name a few.

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Craig ‘wotto’ Watkins is a freelance illustrator, designer and doodler. Craig has designed for many clients including Disney, Dreamworks Fine Art, Billabong and Cumberland Farms. His character designs have earned industry awards and his paintings have been showcased worldwide.

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Quick Fingers

After public appearances and photographic evidence it’s been proven that he is not actually a robot. He is in fact a part human who goes by the name of Tom Jackson.

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Jon burgerman

Jon Burgerman is a NYC based artist interested in instigating improvisation and play through drawing and spectacle.

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Greg Abbot

Greg Abbott is an illustrator and designer from England.

Throughout the week he spends most of his time working within the music and clothing industry on commissioned projects . He was most popularly hired to create character illustrations and hand-lettering designs

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The boy fitzhammond

Designer and illustrator from the UK. A fan of the digital watch and was once interviewed by keith chegwin live on saturday superstore!

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Philip tseng

Designer & Illustrator based in San Diego, CA USA

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Go media

For some, it’s all about sales and results. For others, it’s about winning that next big award. At Go Media, great design is the product of passion, purpose, and possibility. It’s a place where the art of communication is expressed in ways that surprise and satisfy our clients.

Our Ohio City headquarters is buzzing with artists, strategists and enthusiasts who approach each new project with an eye for detail and an ear for objectives. The result? Visually stunning concepts that captivate, compel purchase and even earn a few awards.

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Karl Kwasny. is currently twenty-eight years old and lives in Brooklyn, NY, USA.

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They are stupid like Ghandi, funny like Public Enemy, handsome like Stephen Hawking, clever like David Hasselhof, Hot like Jackie Stallone, dead like yoda,cooler than LL COOL J, smart like Sarah Palin, selfish like the Dalai Lama, lying like a marketing manager, skilled like Snooki, dangerous like E.T. and least not last free like Arnold Shwarzenegger.

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James Marshall-commonly know as the artist Dalek-made his mark in the art world with his iconic Space Monkey character, which looks like a catatonic, twisted mouse. “The Space Monkey is my concept of a human being,” he says. “It’s a tool for relaying and exploring ideas.”

Marshall grew up in a military family, and his childhood was punctuated by drastic moves every couple of years. He lived up and down the East Coast, and end his high school years in Japan. He turned to the subcultures of punk rock, skateboarding and graffiti for inclusion and identity.

He earned his bachelor’s degree in anthropology and sociology from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1992, and received his BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1995. That same year, he developed his well-known Space Monkey character. Taking up the name “Dalek” Marshall merged street art, cartoons, Japanese pop and the energy of the urban punk scene.

A major turning point in Dalek’s studio practice was working as Takashi Murakami’s assistant in 2001.

Rendered in a minimallist, flat style, Dalek used the Space Monkey like an alter ego, a visual manifestation of his feelings, as well as his love for the absurdity of human interactions.



Tado is Mike and Katie, two very hard working people who do graphic design, illustration, animation, toy design, and a bit of everything in between.

Tado are based in Sheffield UK, enjoy eating ice cream, and playing with their dogs. The pair work across a huge range of projects, from logos, animation and web design through to customised cars, designer toys and home-ware!

Over the past 7 years Tado have worked like demons to continually produce all kinds of projects – it is the diversity of their work that they love. Tado enjoy all aspects of what they do and try their best to spread love and happiness to the unsuspecting world.

As well as their commercial design and illustration projects Tado also have a lot of other projects such as exhibitions and toy and merchandise production. Their first solo exhibition was held in 2006 in LA and was a collaboration with designer retail outlet Kidrobot. Since then recent exhibitions include "MTV Toy" at ‘Design Week’ in Milan (MTV Italia), window dressings for the prestigious Le Bon Marche department store in Paris, and a collaborative show with Jon Burgerman, also in Paris.

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Jacques bardoux

Jacques Bardoux is a french illustrator, who did a hiphop inspired design for us here at funkrush.

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Steven lefcourt

Artist from Vermont. Starving, and cold.

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Chris was raised in Dronfield in the United Kingdom, and now works out of a home studio, he grew up on a diet of popcorn, sweets, and Jayce and the wheeled warriors. Qualified as a graphic designer but also a keen painter from a very early age, he became a toy collector with the launch Of the Toy2R Qee, which eventually lead to customising everything he could get his hands on! A head filled with characters in need of being set free finally had an outlet.

Heavily influenced by a mish mash of natural forms and 80’s cartoons, he claims to put a little bit of his soul into each character he creates, giving them all a unique personality.Fueled by coffee, good smelly cheese and Mike Patton. Gathering inspiration from the toys and natural forms he surrounds himself with. Chris has more recently branched out into character sculpting, and also limited edition screen printed t-shirts.

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David mascha

David Mascha  is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator living in Vienna, Austria. He works with special emphasis on aesthetics and creative ideas with a high attention to details. Beside showcasing on international fairs and exhibitions, he has been working for clients such as IBM, AT&T, Gillette, Hennessy and K2 Sports. His work has been published in a range of art books and magazines, and also appeared on furniture and clothing.

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Brand Nu

From global brands to family businesses and individuals, Brand Nu offers a unique approach to branding, design, advertising, illustration, typography and website design.

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Artist from the UK - Favourite cartoon character: Stewie - Family Guy


Sket one

Sket One, painter, illustrator, and designer, has come a long way since his early days as a New Haven based graffiti artist in the 1990s. Though he now resides in Long Beach, CA he still deftly incorporates all the elements that went into his becoming an effective graffiti artist a sharp visual wit, an urban sensibility, and a finger on the pulse of a larger pop culture. Armed with such attributes, Sket One has built a successful career as a visual artist whose work is both acclaimed and in high demand. Sket One's artistic and business ambitions came together for the first time when, in 1992, he created and ran Unitee, a Clothing Design company. In 2003 Sket One started designing toys for such heavyweight toymakers including Kidrobot, Mighty Jaxx, Solid Industries, MINDstyle, Red Magic, Circus Punks, and more. Always eager to explore additional outlets, Sket One has succeeded in exhibiting his custom work both nationally and internationally in various galleries and shows such as Night & Day (NYC), You Asked for It (London/Birmingham), and I Am 8-bit (LA), Kidrobot Dunny and Munny Shows (NYC), and Beyond the Cel (AZ). Sket One displays a passion for uniting distinct components of pop culture into pieces of art that are startlingly cohesive and original. Such innovation has led Sket One to work with Universal Music, EMI, DC Comics, Ford, Toyota, Coca-Cola, Zoo York, and Grind King Trucks.

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Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee is a designer, illustrator and an action figure connoisseur. He is a Sacramento native and graduated from California State University, Sacramento with a Bachelor’s degree in graphic design. His entire life has revolved around drawing and art since he was old enough to hold a crayon and scribble outside the lines of a Golden Activity Book.

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Breadlegs draws cartoons and cute characters

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The Elder mimic is a rare creature of Southern English decent. Often found in front of a Mac, creating a visual cornucopia of nightmares/daydreams…

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Ian Leino As an independent graphic artist, he has worked with a broad range of regional and national clients on a host of projects including identity, packaging, print and apparel design. Many of his personal apparel designs have also been picked up for production by a number of online apparel sites including Threadless, DesignByHumans, Woot and many more.

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Zeptonn His name is Jan Willem Wennekes, and he run Zeptonn. At Zeptonn he does illustrative design and creative direction and has a background in Artificial Intelligence (2002) and Philosophy (2006, specialized in the brilliant Ludwig Wittgenstein).

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Machine 56 Rajaya Yogaswara Artist | Professional | Digital Art
Current Residence: Bandung, Indonesia
Favourite genre of music: DigitalHardcore
Favourite colors: red / black / white
Operating System: Windows
Personal Quote: compositions is king.

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Mago Dovjenko Russian born artist, self-taught, began at an early age. He now lives in Germany, working as an Fashion Designer, illustrator, graphic designer and art director for more than 6 years. Being a prominent figure in Germany’s Design Industry, Highlights of his Career include him being invited twice to Germany’s top late-night talkshows including TV Total on Pro7 and Stern TV on RTL. Beside that, numorous other TV appearances at Talk Shows and Documentations. Various Musicians have already spotted Mago’s work, including G-DRAGON, Wiz Khalifa, A$AP Rocky, Swizz Beatz and more.

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David creighton pester

David Creighton-Pester, aka. Wandering Bert, lives in Hamilton, New Zealand where he runs his graphic design company Scorch Design + Illustration. He holds a Bachelor of Computer Graphic Design from the University of Waikato and Wanganui Polytech.

Aside from operating Scorch Design, David also pursues creative illustration opportunities, many of which you'll see on this site.

With a head that's always full of creative, humourous concepts, David prides himself in discovering original approaches to both design and illustration projects, and exploring new techniques. He also enjoys speaking in the third person, apparently.

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Sichi Extensive experience of creative solutions for a variety of clients across the Entertainment, Hospitality, Fashion, Retail and Arts industries with specialisation in Creative and Art Direction for branding as well as constructing the required strategies including Creative Project Development and IP Generation. 

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We love patterns They create, license and sell original artwork for products. They are devoted to create a growing collection of extra-cute, colorful & funny conversational pattern artworks, helping to add charm and whimsy to all different kind of products. "We Love Patterns" is a family company created in 2010 by Gastón Caba (illustrator & character designer) and Lara Caba (junior illustrator).

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Blair Sayer His early years involved climbing electric fences, taunting medium sized dogs, and alot of doodling on napkins (when other children were learning to write their own names). When he turned fifteen, he found a paying outlet for his sketches, and became the political cartoonist for the local rag. The quest for higher education (but mostly higher pay packets!) spurred him towards the giddy heights of the esteemed Wellington Polytechnic's School of Design, where in 1993, he graduated with a Diploma in Visual Communications and Design. He has been a freelance illustrator on and off for the last twelve years now (and was a pub manager for a wee time in the UK ), and loves what he does.


Elebea An illustrator from Córdoba – Argentina who worked with SAT on a tshirt for us

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